Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yes, I started a blog

Ok, so I have started a blog. It all started when a co-worker and I were discussing Christmas shopping. She was bewildered to find out I had started my shopping in July. I told her several of my Christmas gift ideas, and things that I have already bought or ordered and she said to me "Hilary, you come up with the cutest ideas. Can you make me a list of all of these ideas so it will make my life easier?"

So that made me think...I love searching the net, catalogs and coming up with my own ideas for cute gifts, decorating, clothes and accessories, so why not get creative and put it all in a blog? So that is what I am doing...The Sweetest Things will be a place you can come time and time again for cute and unique ideas, gifts, decorating, fashion and beauty topics (and a whole lot more!).

I hope you enjoy. Make sure to tell all your friends, and come back often...I have tons of ideas and can't wait for your feedback.

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