Thursday, October 16, 2008

"of the Month"

Some co-workers and I were discussing alcohol over dinner. Not sure why, probably because we would have cut off our right pinkie finger if we could have got a bucket of beers or bottle of wine. But, since it was a "working dinner", long into the evening, and we still had a long night ahead of us, we were discussing intead of chugging. One co-worker, from Georgia, told me that one year she gave her friend a "wine of the month club". How awesome of a gift is that? Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!!

So, I started thinking about other "of the month" clubs that I have heard of. Soap of the Month, Candle of the Month, etc. Well, surely there are cool "of the month" clubs out there. So that brings me to the website, Now this is the gift idea that I have been dreaming about! A lot of shopping done in one swoop! They have the best clubs....Micro brew of the Month, Pizza of the Month and my personal favorite, Dessert of the Month!

That impossible person to buy for....well, here you go! You're welcome! ;)

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