Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Make Lunch Fun

How cute is this lunch tote? Find it at Give Simple.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Cupcakes

Spring is right around the corner, so I am starting to get inspired. Here are some cute spring cupcakes that look so easy. I will have to try them out...
Ladybug, frog and baseball cupcakes can be found at

Saturday, February 21, 2009


My sister got me on "hinge wallets",and we were sitting in a bar last night and I look around to see several other girls (besides my sister and me) are utilizing these hinges as well! What a fad! They really are handy. They are long, flat wallets that have hings (obviously), you can carry them in a purse, or carry them by themselves. If I am just running to the store, running to the library, etc. I will just carry my new hinge. No use in dealing with a big, heavy purse.
I got mine at Target. Mariah (my sister) got hers at a botique. They are pretty handy to have around. So go ahead and jump on the newest accessory fad!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not your average Pooh blanket

I am sorry to offend any mothers out there...but I can not stand silly, cheezy kids clothes, blankets, etc. It makes me cringe to see kids running around with Winnie the Pooh on their clothes. (Again, my apologies to any moms out there who dress their kids with Pooh on their shirts)

So, as you know, I love Etsy. So, these are not your average baby blankets. They are cool, cute, fashionable and I will not be embarrassed for your baby when I see them carrying these around.

Silver Spoons

How cool is this necklace? A Silver Spoon necklace, how clever!

Hello, Cupcake!

As a Christmas gift this year, I was given many items involving cupakes. Baking cupcakes, decoratig cupcakes, cupcake recipes, etc. Apparantly, I had made my career dream very clear. Anyway, my friends, family and co-workers have been on the receiving end of my Christmas gifts.
I have a couple of cupcake "gigs" lined up. Two birthday parties and a baby I am excited. If you live in my area and need some cupcakes, lemme know!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A fun Rainy Day

I was in Old Navy the other day and saw all of these awesome umbrellas, all under $10! If I didn't already have a super cute umbrella in my car, one at work and one at home I would probably buy one. (They also have cute ones at Target)

Well, April showers will soon be on their way, you had better be prepared!